Park Property's Experience

For over 45 years, Park Property Management has been dedicated to delivering not just affordable, but meticulously maintained rental accommodations that embody both quality and value. Each property is managed with pride, driven by our commitment to cultivating relationships with every resident in our communities.


Since 1975, Park Property Management has been providing affordable, well-maintained rental accommodations offering both quality and value. Our properties are managed with pride in the pursuit of long-term relationships with all of our residents.


Our extensive portfolio comprises over 11,200 apartment units spread across 91 buildings strategically positioned throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Additionally, we boast a prominent presence in key cities across Ontario, including Milton, Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo, Stratford, Tillsonburg, Guelph, and London.


Whether you're embarking on the journey of independence, building your family's future, or savoring the tranquility of an empty nest, you deserve an environment that seamlessly complements your aspirations. With Park Property as your synonymous partner in a fulfilling lifestyle, rest assured that we are dedicated to going above and beyond, making every effort to ensure your complete satisfaction in every aspect of your living experience.


Strategically situated in proximity to your workplace, educational institutions, and recreational interests, our buildings offer a seamless blend of convenience and accessibility. Boasting both indoor and outdoor amenities designed to elevate your quality of life, our commitment extends to providing unparalleled service and training to our dedicated property management and maintenance groups. Your comfort remains at the forefront of our mission, ensuring an exceptional living experience tailored to your needs.

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